Our Pricing.

We totally get the importance of budgeting when it comes to bringing your creative vision to life. That’s why we’re all about delivering premium value that matches the top quality of our music video production services. 

Choosing the perfect production company is an absolute game-changer for your artist journey. Without the right partner, your visibility and growth might suffer. But fear not! We’ve got your back with unmatched expertise, creativity, and professionalism that sets us light-years ahead. 

Every project is unique, we are here to understand both your needs and budget and to tailor the final quote to you. Open communication is our principal, so let’s chat and figure out the perfect budget for your project. 

    Things to consider when budgeting for a video production:


    2. Locations

    3. Props & Set Design

    4. Actors & Models

    5. Dancers & Choreography

    6. Wardrobe & Costume